The teaching materials on this site are over. How was it? The experimental tools on this site used only what you have at home or what is in the science room at school. All things in the voice "LET 'S TRY" corner can be done at home. Everyone please try it actually! Well, what we have talked about on this site is part of the sound. The sounds and voices that are close to us. I am very happy if you are interested in sounds and voices for everyone as a trigger from this site. But the world of sound is actually a deeper world than I could tell on this site. Beyond knowledge in this site, please open up the world of sound with everyone!

As a first step, in order to perfect what you learned on this site, let's review what you've learned so far with the quiz in this next item. By the time quizz can become perfect, you will already be at a point beyond the level of this site. In the future, it is your turn to make a world of sound. Please investigate more about sounds and voices, Spread the world of sound!
At the end, there is also an observation report at the end of this site. Also, if you have comments or impressions about the contents of this site, the site, please send more and more. Please visit contact. We are waiting for you!                              ↑見学報告に進みます。

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