Mosquito sound (Mosquitone)

The first thing to explain about the sound phenomenon is the mosquito sound. Also known as Mosquitone. Mosquito (Mosquito) means "mosquito" in English, and mosquito has the meaning of "unpleasant feathers emitted by mosquitoes". Mosquito sound refers to high frequencies around 17 kHz (17000 Hz). I explained in the nature of sound - sound range - but since the range that human beings can hear is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, I think that this 17 kHz sounds to be very high sound. Also, on the same page in the range, human beings explained that it became difficult to hear high frequency sounds as they grew older. A young person feels uncomfortable, but it is said that it is rare for people in the middle and high-rise to feel uncomfortable as they are difficult to hear or hear. Let's listen to the actual mosquito sound! We prepared 16000 Hz to 20000 Hz here.






Did you hear it? Depending on the equipment, it may not be played.
First, let's look at the waveform at 17000 Hz.

For Summary
・Mosquito sound means high frequency around (17000) Hz.
・Mosquito sound is basically used to drive something off because of unpleasant sound.

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