@The Theme of this site, and Why
The theme of this site is "sound".Sound is closely connected to our life. Sound is everywhere around us:enviromental sound, human voice, music, and etc.... Maybe sound is too familiar to think about scientifically. However, if you pay attention to it, it must be very interesting and mysterious.

It is very interesting to understand the mechanism of sound and learn the nature of it. We hope this site will help you solve problems related to sound and become interested in the theme of sound.
APurposes of this site
The primary purpose of this site is to get you to become interested in sound. Hopefully, we would like you to understand deeply about sound. Many contents are included and you will enjoy them, we believe. If you become interested in sound through this site, we hope you will introduce this theme to other people or make a deeper research on this theme.

We welcome your comments and questions related to this site. We will try to respond as much as possible.




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