On this page, I will explain the fundamentals of voice, that is, how we can make a voice.

  Vocal mechanism

First of all, it is about the mechanism of vocalization. We are vocalizing the vocal cords aloud. I breathe in and exhale, when my breath hits my vocal cords, a voice comes out when the vocal cords vibrate. And when the vocal cords vibrate, the surrounding air conveys the vibration and finally becomes a voice in our ears. Therefore, our voice quality, the height of the sound etc. will change depending on various factors such as the length of the vocal cord and the part to breath. So what is vocal cords in the first place?

  Vocal cords

Then, it is about the "vocal cord" I mentioned earlier.

The vocal cords are like the figure above and they are in the place where the throat buds protrude. The figure above is a view of the vocal cords and their surrounding muscles and space from the top. The muscles around the vocal cords with elongated roundness in the large circle, and the ones inside it are the vocal cords. The figure on the left is when the vocal cords are open, and the picture on the right is when the vocal cords are closed. In the vocal cords, making a sound by hundreds of opening and closing exercises per second, breath carrying is stopped or opened by this opening and closing movement. And, this means that you can produce various heights and voice quality.

With my hands around slightly below the alabaster,
@ "Haha" and the breath is strong, but breathe out without pronouncing not to sound as much as possible
A "Ah" and breath is strong, pronounce it so that it sounds firmly

When @, since the vocal cords do not vibrate (= unvoiced sound), the vibration does not convey to the fingers, and at the time of A, the vocal cords firmly vibrate (= voiced sounds), so the vibration should be transmitted firmly to the fingers. This is effective to ascertain whether the vocal cords are vibrating! In the same way, "s" 's' is also unvoiced, so I think that it is interesting to try it variously.
For Summary
・We are vocalizing (vocal cords) to vocalize.
・By carrying out (opening and closing movement) of the vocal cords, the breath carrying changes, the height and voice quality of the voice to be changed change.
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